UN Ambassador

Orlando King


Approved: Orlando King is an Atlanta-based UN Ambassador and multi-faceted businessman. Throughout his career, he has focused on improving performance, increasing revenue, and increasing profit. Orlando enjoys football, boxing, track and basketball when time permits.

Orlando King: UN Envoy

Orlando will be a UN Ambassador in January 2022. His experience as a business consultant and major investor qualifies him to represent the US in:
Aid projects
Immigration debates
Aid from abroad
Treaty talks

“Being named as a UN Ambassador is a personal and professional highlight,” says Mr. King. As an Ambassador, I truly gain a sense of humanitarianism and charity, which is a true blessing.”

A Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award is also planned for March 2022.

Our Community Healthcare System Inc.

Orlando has over 20 years of business experience. He has a proven track record of:
Optimum operation efficiency
Growth & Revenue

In Our Community Healthcare System, Inc.

He is in charge of the organization's strategic vision, direction, operations, and finances.

His motivation is to help ensure Our Community Healthcare System's profitable future. My team relies on me to stay on top of every scenario and deliver profitable solutions.”

Orlando offers select clients specialized business consulting. His expertise includes:
A&M sales and marketing
Accounting advice
IT support

Mr. King also specializes in reporting and forecasting. “When I have time, I still consult with some close business associates.” My expertise is hard to match, but time wins out. That said, I wish I had more time to help others achieve their profit and performance goals.”

Orlando has a BA in Business Administration and a MAT in Secondary Education from Valdosta Accounting and business consulting were his minors. He excelled in college, achieving a 3.73 cumulative GPA.

“My student life was probably rather boring compared to many others,” Orlando admits. “I spent most of my time in my books, with little social life. Sure, I had my moments like any other college student, but I never went to jail!

Orlando's diverse skills and attributes include:
Financial Fitness & Skill
Teamwork & Inspiration
Boosting Business
Rapid Growth

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